Education Consultant

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Advanced education & career counselling

Higher education is a huge decision which requires time and effort for right decisions.


We help you reach your career aspirations through mentoring and knowledge that has been accumulated over the years of service. We help you to choose a course and an institution that match your interests and academics impeccably. We serve best recognized universities/ institutions. We work closely with institutions ambassadors at the individual level. With us you choose best solution for your career goal.

Our Educational Consultant provides consultation services for parents and students

  • To identify professional goals.
  • To make wiser academic decisions.
  • Provide admission support.
  • Host interviews with institution ambassadors.
  • Choose a course through personal guidance.

Your needs, and interests are most important to us!

We specialize in selecting the best universities/institutions and possess thorough knowledge in our Education System. We propose a shortlist of institutions which meet your expectations.

We help you to make the final decision!

Provide us your details and we will support your application process. We also will arrange to send out the institution brochures.

We are here to help. You will not be disappointed. Let us help you to choose the best institution in an ever changing and competitive world!


Study Medicine at reputed University Becoming a doctor, a respected profession, is a dream of many in India. It requires meticulous planning in choosing right institution and preparing to intense course of study. We provide advisory services and facilitate admissions to students seeking admission to leading medical universities. We provide well informed unbiased and accurate information on medical education. We work in close coordination with authorities of leading universities